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Wisdom & Growth

This blog is dedicated to the journey of growing awareness and the exploration of consciousness. The articles share the understanding and the diverse expressions of the teachings of Shai Tubali. Shai is a trained yogi and philosopher of ancient Greek and Indian philosophies who has dedicated his life to making the mystical expansion of consciousness an accessible reality for many.
The real secret of achieving flow in your life

The real secret of achieving flow in your life

Taken from a talk to a group of students, Shai talks about a sweet realization that if clearly made will make FLOW, usually a rare and temporary state, your permanent reality. This realization is an ancient one in eastern philosophies, but still a radical idea for western minds.

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Expansion Method -

A 21-day online program

Positive emotions provide the most accessible gateway to higher states of consciousness. In this extensive online program you will learn to apply the Expansion Method to unlock the consciousness-altering power of positive emotions.

N21 x 25-minute recorded audio-sessions

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NExpansion Method step-by-step guide

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